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World 2 Ebola Patients Flown to Germany and France Recover



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Hamburg University Hospital on Saturday said that a Senegalese researcher who contracted the Ebola virus in West Africa and flown to Germany for treatment had made full recovery.

A statement by the hospital said that the researcher was the first patient to be flown to Germany for Ebola treatment since the outbreak of the disease.

It stated that the patient recovered several days ago and was discharged on Friday.

"The man caught the virus while working in a laboratory in Sierra Leone on behalf of the World Health Organisation.He arrived in Hamburg in late August and was one of two patients in Germany for treatment.

"He is well and he has not been infectious for several days; we are very pleased that he will now be able to return home,’’ the hospital said.

It was, however, reported that the doctor who treated man refused to comment on the treatment administered, saying “merely that no experimental medication was used.”

A WHO report also said that a female caregiver who contracted Ebola while working with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Liberia and was flown to Paris for treatment also left the hospital after making a full recovery.

The report further said that a second patient of the Ebola virus was currently receiving treatment in Frankfurt University Clinic, Germany.

It stated that the patient was arrived Germany on Friday from Sierra Leone, where he contracted the disease while treating patients on behalf of an Italian aid group.

It, however, said that the hospital had declined to comment on the man's health status.

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