Metro 2014 Prophecies by Apostle Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries

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    The 2014 prophecies of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide have finally been made public. The Prophecies were allegedly released on the 5th of December 2013.

    View full prophecy below :

    1. Rivers lawmaker to be arrested and charged for murder(it's an attempt to discredit him and the Nigeria police lied... The presidency and it's men will use the police against many people.

    2. Bamanga Tukur will be removed and disgraced.

    3.PDP is bad but APC is worse.

    4.Presidential ticket will split APC.

    5. Jonathan will manipulate second term.

    6. APC will win more slots in 2015. Over 70% of government will be in their hands.

    7. If Jonathan goes ahead to contest , he will be president but will not finish his term.

    8. Lagos will have a Christian governor.

    9. I see CBN printing high denomination naira notes this year.

    10. Tinibu of APC should not smile yet as there will be serious problems in APC.

    11. The national dialogue will be the worst Nigeria has ever had, it will end up with fights and accusation of embezzlement.

    12. South West will be seriously divided as a top APC chieftain will die.

    13. I see bombing in Kenya.

    14. Jonathan will survive impeachment.

    15. If president Jonathan and Ameachi can resolve their difference, PDP will regain their lost glory.

    16. Tinubu and Fashola will fight dirty.

    17. Musicians should pray against road accidents.

    18.I see cabinet ministers out of the villa.

    19. Accord party in Oyo will gain relevance.

    21.President Jonathan is the last PDP president.

    22. A major and great man of God will be called home. His ministry has blessed the world.

    20. APC will claim victory in 2015 but the court will give it to Jonathan .

    23. A Super Eagles player will be involved in a ghastly motor accident.

    24. Niger Bridge needs urgent attention, collapse is imminent.

    25. Oba of Benin, oh we need to pray.

    26. A northern leader, SGF, Chief of Staff will be among those in the team negotiating on the president's behalf because he will be told to step down but will not.

    27. I like jonathan's gentle nature but he is surrounded by wrong people.

    28. Obasanjo should shut up, he will have problem.

    29. Olumba Olumba olu will have serious problems.

    30. Republic of Benin will mourn a past leader.

    31. Many christians looking for babies will have babies this year.

    32. Ikonjo Iweala will have serious problems

    33. Stella Oduah will have problems.

    34. Another plane crash . Eminent personalities involved.

    35. Kidnap to be more common in the west.

    36. Third mainland bridge needs fresh touch.

    37. All service Chiefs will be fired.

    38. Oyo and Ogun state governors, I don't see them coming back. If they can pray hard, mercy may smile at them but, I see them go home.

    39. Nollywood needs to pray and cancel death. I see four people. A list among them.

    40. Ghana president will be betrayed by friends.

    41. Governors and senators will leave PDP.

    42. The Northern candidates against president Jonathan will be two majorly.

    43. We should pray against Nigeria break up.

    44. Tuface, Davido and Wizkid need prayers against international disgrace.

    45. South Africa needs prayers not to return to the past.

    46. I saw a colonel in the military trying to stage a coup but he will fail.

    47. The economy of Nigeria will go worse but true Christians will prosper.

    48. NTA needs prayers. I saw them crying over the loss of one of their bosses and fire out break in one of the stations.

    49. Obiano, the governor elect of Anambra will face serious problems because God is unhappy with the way he was declared governor.

    50. The presidency will dump governor Dickson of Bayelsa.

    51. I see fuel scarcity.

    52. PENGASSAN and NUPENG need prayers.

    53. A popular king in Niger Delta will die.

    54. Serious crisis in the north and will attract foreign help.

    Apostle Suleiman has a strong reputation of making prophecies that always come to fulfillment. View his 2013 prophecies below

    1. House of Representative to lose some members to death, prayers needed

    2. Alhaji Bamanga Tukur will be the last united PDP Chairman, as there will be great in-fighting in PDP.

    3. There will be major boom and breakthrough in the agriculture this year

    4. CNN will lose major staff.

    5. Nollywood will keep losing people unless prayers are made and repentance; Many have gone fetish and there is high rate of immorality. I see three major stars dying this year unless prayers are made.

    6. Many barren women will become joyful mothers.

    7. Emir of Kano Alhaji (Dr) Ado Bayero to pray against attempt on his life. He will lose some men.

    8. Rapist will be on the prowl. Raping women little children and even pregnant women. watch where your kids go..

    9. A sec deadlier than Boko -Haram is being trained and prepared.

    10. South Africa to mourn a hero. They should pray for former South African president Dr Nelson Mandela and Arc-Bishop Desmond Tutu.

    11. I see a Governor dying.

    12. This year, the looting of National treasury will be on a massive scale.

    13. President Goodluck Jonathan's own men from his place will fight him.

    14. Igbos should forget about presidency.

    15. In 2015, an opposition will lose, PDP will fail.

    16. I see the crisis in PDP widening more and more.

    17. A yoruba movie actor to die surprisingly.

    18. A year judgment for politicians and wicked leaders.

    19. There will be scarcity of money in 2013, but food will be in abundance.

    20. Chief of Defence Staff to be retired.

    21. There is vacancy in Aso Rock.

    22. Prayers to be made because I see the National flag flying half mask.

    23. I see NUJ lose notable member through accident.

    24. President Goodluck will lose someone precious to him either this year or next.

    25. Auchi my hometown to pray against serious flood disaster.

    26. A member of the United State of America's senate house will die.

    27. President Barrack Obama's life will be attempted.

    28. Alhaji Aliko Dangote will have issues.

    29. Central Bank of Nigeria's governor will be made an Emir, but he needs prayers.

    30. MTN needs prayers.

    31. Massive retrenchment in Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), but prayers needed to avert it.

    32. I see something happening in a foreign country ( natural disaster) and people could not fly in or out of that nation for days.

    33. Nigerian Music entertainer Tuface Idibia will face blackmail and scandal.

    34. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal ( Speaker) should not contest for presidency. If he goes for governorship, he will win.

    35. Dame patience Jonathan will have health issues unless prayers are made.

    36. Kidnapping will start in South Africa.

    37. HID Awolowo, it is well.

    38. The governor of Ondo to pray against poison.

    39. President Robert Mugabe, I see death around him, he needs prayers.

    40. Abuja the Federal Capital City will experience high scale attacks this year.

    41. I see Traditional Rulers die.

    42. Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) will witness worldwide recognition that will shock everyone.

    43. Lots of Nigerians will be repatriated from African nations.

    44. Oil will be found in a state

    45. I see a new president.



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    @Jules surely have a thing for pastors and prophets.
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    Leave Jules alone and concentrate on the information she spreads.
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    most of the 'prophecies' are quite obvious to even us commoners.
  6. Bolanle Akanji

    Bolanle Akanji Moderator

    most of the 'prophecies' are quite obvious to even us commoners.
  7. Bolanle Akanji

    Bolanle Akanji Moderator

    most of the 'prophecies' are quite obvious to even us commoners.