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Politics 2015 Elections: There'll be Mayhem If PDP Wins -Junaid Mohammed



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Popular northern elder and critic of President Goodluck Jonathan, Junaid Mohammed in an interview with PUNCH said there will be mayhem if the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP won the 2015 election.

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You said that the PDP cannot win the presidential election in 2015. What will you do if the party wins?

There will be mayhem. The party cannot win a free and fair election. It is not beyond it to connive with Attahiru Jega the way they did in 2011. And if they do that, there will be mayhem.

Are you one of those who believe Northerners are born to rule and that a Northerner should be President in 2015?

I have never said a Northerner should rule Nigeria in 2015. There was never a time in my entire political career when I said a Northerner must govern or rule Nigeria under any circumstance. I will not dignify this question with an answer. Next question.

You once described President Jonathan as a bad president. Is it because he’s not a Northerner?

I knew Jonathan before most of you. I employed him and Chief Horsefall is alive. I employed him (Jonathan) as Assistant Director when I was a Federal Commissioner in OMPADEC in Port Harcourt. To be fair to President Jonathan, he has never denied me nor has he ever denied circumstances surrounding my employing him. If I hated him, why should I be the one who was instrumental in his getting a job as Assistant Director in OMPADEC? Two, I said he was a bad President but I never said he was a bad director of ecology because that was what I recommended and insisted he should be employed as and he was employed. I did not say he was good enough to be president but I said he was good enough to be director of ecology because he comes from an educationally disadvantaged area and that to me is important. I come from the North which is also educationally disadvantaged and I believe people who are underrepresented in such circumstances especially in the Federal Government institutions should be employed. I believe every Nigerian has a right to be given a sense of belonging and I believe one of the good aspects of a government is how inclusive it is so that every Nigerian should have a sense of belonging. I have never hated him and he himself has never said I hated him.

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