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"3 Simple Strategies That Assure An Igbo Presidency In 2023" - Gozie Jonas

There is no doubt that realization of igbo president has been the talking point of many people since this 2018.. Some People, especially the igbos unarguably have raised doubt about it's possibility of coming to lime light. But I believe there is a way .....

1. Voting Buhari in 2019 .. Seems hard for many igbos because of the distaste we have for Buhari personality. But we have found ourselves between the blue sea and the devil.. The choice we have will certainly be limited in 2019 cause PDP will surly hand their ticket to a northerner.. But this same north also handed us an option which is.. Vote Buhari and get 2023... Let us see it has an order or a command but as a negotiation or as we call it "scratch my back... I scratch your back. Northerners has been known for their sincerely, and we can remember they are the reason we produce a vice president even after the bitter war.... Lets give Nigeria one more try, we cannot do it alone , if eventually it didn't work , let the blame no longer be on us but certainly the guilty will hunt Nigeria forever.

2. Forcing PDP to hand Igbos their ticket in 2019 : Yes , igbos have been voting pdp since time immemorial, is about time we get our wage and it will be 2023, to make this igbo president inroad possible, this two big parties PDP and APC must unveil an igbo candidates... If PDP fails us , they should be expelled from southeast.

3. Total mobilization: One of the main problem igbos have is lack of investment in media, most stations in the east are profit oriented and lack the tools to drive igbo agenda. There is a reason why Nnamdi Kanu was able to gather much power and able to mobilize much supporters that's "Media". Media will surly help to massively educate igbos, enlighten them and raise their political awareness.



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