Politics $43m Ikoyi Cash: Amaechi Slams Wike- Go to Court or Face The Wrath of God



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Nigeria's Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi on Sunday lambasted Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike for failing to act on his claim that the ex governor owns the $43m cash found in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos state.

Governor Wike had claimed that the money belonged to the Rivers state government and that Amaechi looted it while in office.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Amaechi said: “Nigerians would recall that on the night of Friday, April 14, during his hurriedly arranged shambolic press briefing, Wike had threatened the President Buhari administration with fire and brimstone, vowing the mother-of-all legal action against the Federal government if the over $43million was not given to him within seven days.

"The 7-day ultimatum has long expired, yet no action, whether legal or otherwise by Wike to prove his malicious allegations and claim to the money. Again, on Friday, May 6, another wonderful opportunity was open for Wike to prove his frivolous allegations against Amaechi and claim the money, before Justice Muslim Hassan of the Federal High Court, Lagos. The Judge had on April 13, directed that anyone who owns the money should come forward to claim it. Neither Wike nor his lawyers were anywhere near the court. Again, another no show.”

“Wike’s failure to prove his allegations against Amaechi in a court of law or even in the court of public opinion clearly vindicates our position and completely exonerates Amaechi of any link or connection to the Ikoyi money and apartment.

“Finally, we insist that Wike must go to court, like he vowed (as he goes, he can also take his minions and lackeys with him), to prove his frivolous claims that the over $43million Ikoyi money and luxury apartment belongs to Amaechi and were stolen from Rivers State by Amaechi; or be ready to face the wrath of the law (at the appropriate time; constitutional immunity for governors is not for life), the wrath of the people and ultimately the wrath of God, which no constitutional immunity can protect him from.”


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CHINONSO emmanuel

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see the idiot, so amechi you have the gut to changing wike to drag you to court or he wil face the wrath of GOD, hmm see your life, although nothing can last forever prodigal son