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Entertainment 5 Reasons Nollywood Celebrities Bleach their Skin

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In this piece, we will look at 5 reasons most light-skinned Nollywood celebrities fall into the temptation to bleach their skin.

As we proceed, bear in mind that a 2013 survey showed that Nigerian women lead in skin bleaching all over the world.

Below are 5 reasons most light skinned celebrities in Nollywood bleach:

To look more beautiful/attractive
This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons women who allegedly bleach their skin fall into the trap of losing their darker skin tone as they have mentally come to believe that a lighter skin tone automatically translates into a more beautiful and far more attractive outlook. Not that they do not consider themselves beautiful but they consider a lighter complexion a tad more beautiful and of course a bigger element of attraction to the opposite sex.

To increase their professional relevance
Not many actresses who bleach their skin would openly agree with this but the truth is that the bold minority have argued in the past that being light skinned has helped them secure more jobs especially in the Nigerian movie industry adding that a broad section of Nollywood producers and film makers have expressed their preference at getting more professionally involved with actresses who are light skinned in comparison with their dark-skinned counterparts.

To attract the right suitors
Cut out the minority population of Nollywood actresses who have established a notorious reputation as feminists especially those who have resolved never to get married and what we have left are those who look forward to that moment in their lives when they have a family they can happily call their own. Apparently, the first hurdle to cross is that of getting the attention of handsome, confident, wealthy and powerful men who will woo them and besiege them with romantic offerings that offer a promise of exotic locations, comfort and a secure matrimonial future. It is no longer news that some Nollywood practitioners hold a warped belief that being light skinned automatically delivers them into the minds and thoughts of men who have everything it takes to make a woman financially, mentally and emotionally happy for the rest of her life.

The bandwagon syndrome
The fear of being left behind by peers or missing out of what is hypothetically believed to work has just enough mental drive to make a Nollywood actress move from being dark skinned in July 2014 to becoming light skinned in February 2015 and we have had several cases of this in Nollywood's history. First, one person does it, the second person does it, then a third, a fourth, fifth, sixth and then we lose track of the numbers.

Looking good in photos
Take a look at these two facts - First, as at December 2013, over 31 million images tagged #selfies (predominantly by ladies) had been posted on the popular photo-based social media website, Instagram. Secondly, some studies have shown that an amazing population of women are obsessed with their own beauty to the point of always capturing images of themselves no matter how many they already have - When we add these two permutations, the result we have on our hands cannot be far off from the motive behind most Nollywood celebrities who opt to become much lighter than they already are. Images of these glaring transformations are not far fetched with certain names resonating across the walls of our memories.

In his latest article, Nigerian singer, columnist and broadcaster, Etcetera delivered an open letter to Nigerian celebrities, which has generated a healthy level of controversy.

In Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Togo, 25%, 77%, 27%, 35% and 59% of women, respectively, have been reported to use skin lightening products on a regular basis.

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