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Entertainment 6 Popular Nigerian & American Celebrities Whose Marriages Suffered in 2014

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So much has happened in the lives of celebrities, Nollywood actresses, popular singers and other prominent names in the Nigerian and American showbiz industries for the year 2014 but one that has taken centre stage as the world approaches the last quarter of the year is the matrimonial headaches prominent names in Nigeria and the US have had to contend with especially one of the shortest celebrity marriages in the history of Nigerian entertainment.

In this piece, we will briefly examine the lives of 6 Nigerian and American actors, singers, clerics, actresses and many others whose marriages were struck by the daggers of misfortune - While virtually all of them have crumbled, two still appear to be hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

Below are some of those who have been hit the hardest in 2014:

Tiwa Savage
Unarguably, the only Nigerian celebrity whose marriage (to Tee Billz) still tethers on the brink of collapse or resuscitation depending on the eventuality of how things turn out. Rumours of loss of affection, infidelity, domestic abuse and battery have presently taken centre stage in the intimate life of this beautiful singer who got married in Dubai in April 2014.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Quite a number of individuals believe that clerics and 'men of God' are always expected to be shinning examples in a lot of ways especially their lifestyles and matrimonial homes but Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founding president of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy forms a glaring exception given the magnitude of dirty details that surrounded the collapse of his marriage to his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome in 2014. At the time of writing this, Anita's name and pictures have been yanked off the newly released October 2014 edition of 'Rhapsody of Realities,' Christ Embassy's monthly devotional, which she usually co-authored. Her name and photo were glaringly missing from the front and back cover of the latest edition.

Ini Edo
If the writings on the wall, which Ini Edo is yet to officially comment on are taken seriously, then Ini Edo becomes the latest Nollywood celebrity to find herself on the list of actresses with failed marriages, which puts her on our list. In Ini Edo's marriage to her husband, Phillips Ehiagwina, several factors were allegedly cited for the collapse of her marriage; some of which include her alleged refusal/inability to have a baby after 6 years as a wife and claims and counter claims of serial infidelity.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa
Fans pampered the 'love' between American actress and model, Amber Rose and her rap star husband, Wiz Khalifa with respect while they were together but when the walls of affection collapsed, fans and loyalists took sides. Their one-year-old marriage hit a cold wall in 2014 amidst allegations of unfaithfulness from both parties. They had a son, Sebastian, in February 2013 and married in July 2013.

Comedian Princess
Arguably the shortest celebrity marriage in Nigeria as popular comedian, Princess was officially married for only a month and yes, that's official - one month! Her marriage was so short that she doesn't feel her former man even earned the tag of an ex-husband. "I don’t think you should call him my ‘ex-husband’ because we were together for less than one month. An ex- husband is somebody you marry and after three years or more, you separate...," Princess explained. Her marriage crashed in 2013 but because she opened up to the world about it in 2014, we're stacking it in the 2014 files of love gone sour.

Jay Z and Beyonce
The marriage between two of America's power artistes, Jay Z and Beyonce received hard tackles from the media and the genesis of this was traced to the altercation between Jay Z and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles in an elevator, which saw the latter physically assault the former. They have swept the controversies behind them and remain married but the scars remain indelible.

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Ini Edo
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Amber Rose
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Wiz Khalifa
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Jay Z
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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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Tiwa Savage



I love the way you put this together. Princess... That is not a good record to set Dearie but I know it"s not entirely your fault share. Tiwa Savage? Lips sealed ooooooooooooo
I love the way you put this together. Princess... That is not a good record to set Dearie but I know it"s not entirely your fault share. Tiwa Savage? Lips sealed ooooooooooooo
Thanks @hexylaurel You sound very sympathetic to Towards Savage's cause. I guess we all just love her. She hasn't said a word about this or offered any official reaction and the same applies to Mr. Billz. Time's ticking away but we'll be here waiting to see how the tide turns. It's not a lost battle yet for the Mavin Princess.