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Metro 7 Annoying Things People Do On Commercial Buses



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For the typical everyday bus rider, you must have experienced some very annoying mannerisms and utterances from other bus users. There are times you may have confronted them and they heed while other times the outcome is just messy. For some reason, when it comes to anything public, people sure do act stupid.

Below are 7 annoying things people do on commercial buses.

Have your fare ready
How much trouble can it really be to get your fare ready and within reach before you get to your stop? It’s rather annoying having to delay other passengers simply because you couldn’t put yourself together. Sometimes they don’t even have ‘change’ to give…Oh my!

Keep the noise down
I want to ride home in peace and quiet after a tiring day. It’s enough that I have to manage the not so comfortable bus and then you make it unbearable with your avoidable noise – there’s something like a earpiece/headphones, nobody wants to listen to your loud annoying music or the radio. Don’t inflict your noise on others. No loud talking, singing – I experienced a woman rehearsing her choir songs once, crazy right? Hold off on long cell phone conversations until you reach your stop.


Let passengers get off the bus before you board

This, I don’t get. Do you expect me to jump over you in a bid to get off the bus. So after you get in are you going to sit on other passengers!? There are certain things in life that are basic knowledge, and this is one of them.

Eating and drinking
Though this isn’t hygienic, it’s understandable. However, you need to be careful what and how you eat and drink so you you don’t get food on the passenger seated next to you.

Talking to the driver
We all want to get to our destinations in one piece, so if what you need to discuss with the driver isn’t a pressing issue, please leave him/her to concentrate on driving.

Giving up your seat
You must be the worst human on earth if you don’t do the following on a bus: give your seat up for the poor elderly citizen by the door; the pregnant woman who is carrying someone else, a woman with 3 children and pays for only one seat, tell a mother to manage her young child who has poured milk all over you or fanta in your hair. I’m sorry but I have a right as much as they do to enjoy a comfortable ride to my destination, I paid for my seat and should enjoy it. I can only choose to be kind enough to offer up my seat, if you aren’t fine with your seat, wait for the next bus, don’t label me evil. It’s an obligation and not my duty.

Culled from Leadership newspaper