7 Of The Most Influential Tech Blogs In Nigeria

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Technology is currently the main driver of economic and industrial developments in most industrialized nations of the world. That’s the more reason why developing nations should invest significant proportions of their revenues in science and technology. Looking at the global political landscape, you’d see that countries at the helm of affairs are highly technology driven and often tend to influence the economic and political decisions of their less developed counterparts.

Tech blogs help to enlighten the public about modern technology trends and innovations, which are the key economic drivers of industrialized nations. These blogs keep you up-to-speed with the latest technology developments, and show you how they can be used to solve everyday issues. Tech blogging in Nigeria is one of the most advanced in Africa and perhaps, among the best in the global blogosphere. We have tech savvy individuals, who are currently at the top of their game in the Nigerian blogosphere and are affecting lives positively with their ingenuity and creativity. Having said that, these are the top 7 tech blogs rocking the Nigerian blogosphere at the moment:

1. TechCabal

Techcabal.comis currently the highest ranked tech-blog in Nigeria and was established by Bankole Oluwafemi in 2013. TechCabal is currently ranked 57 in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa, which a significant improvement on its previous position (88th), which it held in May 2015. This site was primarily created to bring together technology enthusiasts (cabals), who share insights, experience and latest developments in the world of technology, most especially when it relates to our local environment. Some of the areas covered by TechCabal include information technology, tech news, reviews and much more.

2. Naija Tech Guide


Naijatechguide.com is one of the oldest techblogs in Nigeria and was established in 2006 by Paschal Okafor. This Techblog is currently ranked 381 in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa. Its current position shows a slight dip in rankings - especially when compared to its previous ranking position (379), which it held in May 2015. The slight dip in NaijaTechGuide’s web rankings could probably be attributed to rising competition or slight inactivity on the part of its administrator. This website focuses more on News, tech reviews, and general technology knowledge.

3. MissTechy

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Misstechy.com is currently Nigeria’s most sophisticated Techblog at the moment. The funny thing is that this blog is being managed by a young, beautiful Covenant University graduate – Tobi Ayeni. There is this popular adage that says “What a man can do, a woman can do better.”I’ve always taken this adage with a pinch of salt till I had the opportunity of interviewing Misstechy earlier this year (Read full interview). This young lady is highly gifted upstairs, if you know what I mean, and is extremely passionate about technology in general. A visit to her website will stun any doubter of this write-up because her website is nicely designed and packed with creativity. Her product reviews are in line with global best practices, comparable to the likes of Techradar, CNET, GSM arena and other top-notch technology blogs rocking the global blogosphere. She’s very down to earth and has built a community of tech lovers. Her website, misstechy.com, is the future of Tech Blogging in Nigeria.

4. TechLoy


Techloy.com comes fourth on our list and is really one of the top tech blogs in the country. This website was founded by Loy Okezie in 2008 and has risen over the years to become one of the major players in the Nigerian Tech blogosphere. TechLoy is currently ranked 443 in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa, which is a massive rise, especially when compared to its previous web ranking position of 656, which it held in May 2015. This blog is widely renowned for its unbiased opinions about Africa’s technology markets and has featured in the publications of some media organizations on the global stage.

5. Ogbonge Blog


Ogbongeblog.com is a major player in the Nigerian blogging community. This website was founded in 2008 and has risen to the top of the Nigerian Tech blogging community, in terms of authority and standard. However, Ogbonge blog was hammered from the SERP in October 2013 by the world’s largest search engine giant - Google Inc, due sharp practices, albeit it found its way back to Google’s love book subsequently after straightening-up its ways. It’s currently ranked 498 in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa. It provides information relating to technology and online money generation.

6. Yomiprof

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Yomiprof.com is another top-notch Tech blog in Nigeria, whose power and creativity hinges on online wealth generation and technology related information. Its authority in technology and wealth generation enabled it create a community of tech-savvy individuals. It is currently ranked 1682 by Amazon’s Alexa, which is a far cry from the enviable web ranking position it once held a few years back. Yomiprof provides information relating to SIM registration, internet subscription, wealth generation and much more.

7. Oscarmini


Oscarmini has been rocking the online tech landscape in Nigeria for the past five years. It’s a website that provides reviews relating to technology products, tech news – both Local and foreign, data plans and a host of other important Tech related information. Oscarmini is currently ranked 2237 by Amazon’s Alexa. Its web ranking shows it took a major hit in the SERP, which saw it fall from its previous ranking position of 1394 to its current position- 2237. However, Oscarmini is very much relevant in the Nigerian blogosphere and is keen on regaining its lost glory.

In conclusion, Tech Blogs in Nigeria have come a long way and can rival their counterparts around the globe. The beauty of it all is the entrant of female Tech bloggers, such as Misstechy, into an industry that is usually seen as the exclusive preserve of the male folks in this part of the world. She didn’t enter the Nigerian tech blogosphere to play second fiddle to her male counterparts, but to show them how it’s done, going forward from 2015. With the entrant of female bloggers into the Nigerian Tech scene, their complacent male counterparts can only hope that they don’t get usurped from their highly revered position by the fast-rising, young, daring, tech-savvy ladies.

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Am really impressed from what am seeing on this site, I was just searching online for popular techblogs in Nigeria and I come across this I must say a very big weldon and great job to the admin of this site .
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Am impressed with the list, they are actually influential blogs in the Nigerian tech scene. However, Telcoinsider shouldn't be exempted from this list.