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Metro 7 Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Expect On 21/7/2017

Adebisi Opeyemi

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The National Youth Service Corps management finally released the NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II orientation course date and since the release, most Prospective Corp Members have been so happy while others are also happy.

The printing of Call Up letter will commence on 21st of July 2017 for NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II. Meaning on Friday 21st of this July (tomorrow), Stream II Prospective Corp Members will be aware of their state of deployment. Each and every PCM will get to know the state they are going to obey the clarion call.

7 Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Expect On 21/7/2017 is an article to prepare your mind for what would happen tomorrow as you print your call up letters.

If you like, you should call this predicting the future. You will still be very right.

Important Notice: Once you are print your call up letter and you see your state of deployment, do not search for the state on google especially if you are posted to the North.

Somebody want to know why? Okay here is a true life experience.

"I was posted to Plateau for my NYSC service in 2016 Batch A Stream II after all my attempts to work it to South West was to no avail. When I got my call up letter, I rushed and search for Plateau State on google. The first and second page of Google was filled with Bombing, religious Crises, killing of Corpers and so many bad news. (Although they all happened but that was in the past).

I was so scared that all my plan was to redeploy immediately I get to camp. It was the other way round and now am in love with the state."

So if you look up any state on google, you are on your own.

Let's go to the main article. Here are

7 Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Expect On 21/7/2017

1. Sleepless Night


Most NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II PCM will not be able to sleep on Thursday night waiting for NYSC portal to be open by 12am. In fact, some will not be able to eat that night all in the name of waiting for 12am.

My advice is, why give yourself stress. You have been posted to a state. Either you print by 12am or by next morning, it will not change anything. So please, eat and sleep.

2. Singing and Dancing in Happiness.


Some PCMs will be so happy tomorrow because they would be posted to their place of choice. Especially people posted to Lagos or Abuja.

My advice is that you should take that as an opportunity to get connections and not be carried away by Lagos enjoyment.

3. Sadness and Tears


While some are dancing for their state of deployment, some, especially girls will be crying for being posted to the North. I don't know their issue with the Northern Part or Nigeria. They will cry and refuse to eat.

I have see a beautiful adult lady crying because she was posted to Plateau.

My advice is that, you do not need to cry. Do not be afraid. The whole of North is not filled with suicide bombers or Boko Haram.

There are no bad states. You just need to utilise it. You will even enjoy electricity, cheap food stuffs, low transport fare and also be surprise that North is not exactly how some people are painting it.

4. Redeployment on point

The first thing that some people will be looking for is how to redeploy. Imagine someone who want to redeploy without going to orientation camp. That's how serious and in a hurry some people can go.

My advice Is that, you should redeploy if you wish to. But remember how cool it will be to experience another culture.

5. Anger, Fights and Dissapointment


Wait... did I say fight? I don't mean physical fight. I mean the kind of anger and fight you get when you paid #50k to someone to help you process your posting to Lagos and in your call up letter you see Jigawa or Bornu. Chaii.... Yawa don burst!

My advice is that you should try to collect your money back or just accept it as fate. What do you expect me to advice you if not to get back your money or just take heart.

6. Heart break


My definition of heart break in this content is when you and your lover plan to stay close and NYSC post one to Lagos and the other Jigawa.

Special determination is needed to keep the groove going.

7. Extreme Supervision


This is funny, but it happens. You borrow money to buy NYSC kits since stream I went to camp thinking you would follow stream I and till now you have not paid back the money. My friend, somebody is watching you.

Or you owe house rent and you want to outsmart the Care taker after you discover you have been posted to a far place. My Dear, your care taker is aware of the date.my list

My list of 7 Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Expect On 21/7/2017 may be funny but they are what will surely happen. Pay attention and you will see that this is not a fiction.

Any question from PCMs, any addition from serving Corp Members and any contribution by Ex-Corp members is allowed.

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Thank you so much for reading 7 Things All 2017 Batch A Stream II Should Expect On 21/7/2017

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