7 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Be Wary Of



As the saying goes men will be men! While it is great in some respects, the last thing you want in is to be in a relationship with a guy who tells barefaced lies, without batting an eyelid! It can be emotionally and psychologically devastating for the partner to experience especially, when it involves infidelity. The cornerstone of any healthy relationship is to be true and honest with one another most if not at all times.

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Some of the tell tale signs that you are in relationship with a man who has no qualms in lying are:

The single card: Most men pretend to be single and ready to mingle at the drop of a hat. Even if they are in a relationship most will not hesitate to claim that they are footloose and fancy free, by claiming to be single.

I am not into womanising: If you hear a man make that oft repeated claim you need to be on your toes. They will check out every eligible female they set their eyes on, and gladly flirt at the drop of a hat but will proclaim – me a womaniser – never! Don’t fall for such a guy who professes consistently to be a one-woman man.

I never cheat on a woman: Yeah, and poppies grow on Mars! Men who are vocal about never cheating frequently are the type who would have banged a dozen women and pretend as if they were just passing acquaintances, they barely knew, let alone bedded!

She is just a pal: Oh yeah, you can bet she is much more than that in most cases. Men have a great mechanism by which they claim to be just friends with women, in the company of other women and even men. You need to keep your wits about to ensure your guy if genuinely only friends with a woman or he is into something more raunchy with her.

Let’s only be friends: When he proposes and claims he just wants to be friends run a million miles in the other direction. As the actual motive behind the just friends line is more sinister. He actually wants to get into action with you in between the sheets, but is faking it with the friendship only tag. If you like the guy and don’t mind getting physical that is fine, if not then stay unaffected by his claims.

Let’s go for a movie: It begins with the movies and if you do not put your foot down, he will convince you that you’ll are soul mates and have to get intimate at the first opportunity that presents itself. If he tells you to meet up at someone’s home first or suggests going to a friend’s place on the first date, you need to get fishy. He will probably try to seduce you and end up with lovemaking.

You are all I think about all day long: Hmm, he may be thinking about you, actually fantasising as how the two of you could get intimate in most cases. Especially, if you met on dating website. Most men, who lay claim that all they do is think about you, are either liars or just flattering you. Do not fall for their sugar-coated words!
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