8 Important Documents You Should Have As A Nigerian



For you to do almost anything in Nigeria, you need to have some form of identification or documentation. From traveling, banking, going to school, voting, getting a job or even driving. Listed below are some very important documents you should have as a Nigerian which would make the above activities easier.

National Identity Card: You need it to do even simple things like withdrawing from a bank account. Read how to process your identity card quickly here

Driver’s License: Necessary to move around in your car. The Nigerian police are not smiling. Click HERE to read more on how to get your driver's license

Voter’s Card: You cannot vote without having this document

Birth Certificates: You need this to get most jobs in the country

State of Origin: You need this to get into some universities and also apply for scholarships

NYSC Certificates: To get jobs and apply for an elective post

International Passport: Very important if you want to travel abroad. Click HERE to see how you can apply for your international passport

BSc/HND Certificate: You also need this to get jobs

While some of these are not compulsory, they are very important. Don't say you were not warned.

Good luck!!!