World 8 Surprising Things You Probably Don’t Know About Africa



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1. Africa is the only continent to extend from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate zone.

2. Over half of Africans are under the age of 30.

3. Africa’s population will be more than double by 2050, rising from 1.1 to 2.3 billion people.

4. More than half of the world’s mobile money accounts are in Africa. Only a third of adults have access to a bank account.

5. Ethiopia was the world’s fastest growing economy in 2015. The country’s GDP grew by 10.2%

6. Almost 40% of Adults in Africa are illiterate, of which two-third are women.

7. Nollywood is Nigeria’s second biggest employer after agriculture. Only Bollywood makes more movies.

8. Africa has around 30% of the Earth’s remaining mineral resources, including over 40% of gold and 90% of Platinum.