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Metro 8 Ways Not to Get Distracted in Church


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Well, I have noticed most of us don't really pay attention during church services especially Sunday services. Last week, we compile a list of some habits that people do in church that are not right, to remedy the situation, here are steps to take that can help counter such distraction .


1) Sleeping early on Saturday night.-

Yes, sleeping early can actually be of help. You will definitely wake up early and prepare . sleeping early,will give your eyes/body enough rest and you won't doze off during service. No matter how boring it is.

2) Switching Off your Phones-

This one is very common among us. You get distracted by your phone and you just find yourself operating your device during service. Even if you don't want to switch of your phone, you can as well put it on silent and make sure its in your pocket .

3) Seating close to your crush-

lol. I know it sounds weird but its the truth . 99% of guys who mistakenly seats close to girls they admire often feel uncomfortable during service. You see them adjusting their trouser every moment. They will be staring uncontrollably at girl and so on.

4) Avoid seating with your friends-

Yes this is very common among both boys and girls. When you seat close to your friends during church service, you find out, one talk lead to another, discussion has started . I remember two guyz arguing during service over a Barca Madrid match the watched the previous night lol.

5) Avoid charging your phone in the church-

I know most of you won't agree on this, but its the simple truth. When you take your phones to the church for charging, you find yourself always monitoring the phone so it won't get missing . anytime you see someone going to the direction your phone is being charged, you feel very uncomfortable.

6) Preparing yourself for offering –

Yes, this very true. Most times, guyz especially, go to church with #1k without changing it, then when its time for offering you see them going straight to the usher bringing out the money for others to see he don't have change. Lol. Dudes like this are always in church to hunt for girls. Lol

7) Going to service late/seating close to the wrong person-

Most times when you get to service late, and you just entered and seat anywhere out of hurry, and you mistakenly seats close to that wrong dude/madam that didn't brush her teeth before coming to church, oga, you are on your own o . lol, you know the rest

8 ) Making sure you are okay before leaving the house-

This is common among girls. Some persons won't poo and urinate before going to church. You see most of them running to the toilet one after the other to do their thing. This also involves going to church and not feeling okay . some of them will vomit and sometimes cause a scene during service.

Kindly Add yours. Happy Sunday all, have a best week.