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Politics A Summary of Nigeria's Mistakes in Dealing with Ebola


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Suddenly, four days after the visit of Patrick Sawyer to Lagos aboard a Liberian flight on the 20th of July and with the news of his demise at First Consultant Clinic, Obalende, Lagos, on the 24th, Nigerians began to shiver in disorientation and panic. The adrenaline in us rose; beginning from the first spot and permeating into the crannies, handshake and closeness became great omens.

The intrigues playing out since the unceremonious importation of the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by Patrick Sawyer into this country is, to say the least, disheartening.

The incoming of the Liberian financial expert had not only caused a further implosion in the already pulverized Nigerian health. It has put more stress on the disenchanted sector and has inflicted irretrievable injuries to the Nigerian citizens.

At the moment, three Nigerians have been confirmed dead from the fatal intrusion and ten more are infected. Many more are still undergoing surveillance for possible contraction. All these innocent and unsuspecting hard-working people were at their duty posts, when the stealth came.

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Source: #YNaija


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