Politics Amaechi: Buhari is Regaining His Weight, If He Contests in 2019 I'll Support Him



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Nigeria's Transportation Minister Rotimi Amaechi has pledged to support President Muhammadu Buhari should the latter decide to contest the 2019 presidential elections.

According to him, the president is doing well in terms of moving the country forward.

“If you look at the president since he came to the country, you will see there is a huge improvement,” Amaechi, said on Channels Television’s Hard Copy.

“He’s regaining his weight," he added. "This is a 74-year old man, he is no longer a 58-old man, he is not 50…he is not a young man.

He also spoke on the campaign promises of the government.

“He made three [campaign promises]. The rest are propagandas, social media propagandas,” he said.

When asked if he would support Buhari if he stands for re-election in 2019, Amaechi replied in affirmative. “I will advise that he should,” he said.

“The president is fit enough to govern and if he makes the decision to run again, if he does, I don’t think there is anything wrong in supporting him.”


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