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Entertainment Amosu Releases £28k Rolex Nigerian Sky Dweller 54

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Alexander Amosu, Nigeria's serial entrepreneur and luxury designer chose the release of his 'Rolex Nigerian Sky Dweller 54,' which cost £28,750 (N7,187,500 when converted into Naira) to coincide with the nation's 54th Independence Day celebration.

The official press release read, “To celebrate Nigeria's independence, Alexander Amosu has created 54 exclusive limited editions Rolex Sky Dweller in yellow and rose gold. Each watch is labelled from 1-54 allowing you to choose the number of your choice. Each design comes in different facial designs and various combinations of the Nigerian coat of arms in the centre display. Additionally, it comes in a choice of different colours of crocodile leather straps. Each one of these timepieces costs £28,750 and take approximately 2-4 weeks to be received."

Some other luxury items Amosu has designed in the past include the most expensive suit on the planet and the diamond-studded iPhone 6 amongst others.

Would you buy one of these if you could afford it?

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