Politics Ayo Fayose: I Will Contest 2019 Presidency And I Will Win



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Governor Ayodele Fayose is bullish about his chances of winning Nigerian's next presidential elections, which will come up in 2019.

In an interview published by The Punch, he was asked if there'll be a heated polity in the country if his prediction of becoming president in 2019 doesn't come true.

To this, he replied thus:

"I never predicted my presidency. I have a right to contest and I said I will contest and I will win.

"When I predicted that I would come back as governor of Ekiti State, many people doubted (my prediction). But because man has no capacity to see tomorrow, they can write you off. Those who wrote me off then see me in the position of authority today.

"When I was down the valley, they thought I would never rise. But the Lord said in Psalm 23: ‘I will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.’ In this country, I’m going to the (Presidential) Villa. I’m saying that, by the special grace of God, those who doubted me today will visit me in Aso Rock as the president or the vice president – as the case may be.


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