Metro Bank Robbers Uproot ATMs in Osun State, Kill 3 Policemen



Bank robbers on Tuesday evening attacked three banks close Bowen University, causing mayhem.

According to reports, some of the automated teller machines at the banks were removed but its not clear if they were taken away.

Bowen university was not attacked.

A resident said the streets were deserted as robbers and policemen exchanged fire during the operation.

“Armed robbers attacked the banks in Iwo today. They came this evening and first went staring to the police station and attacked their men there. After that, they went to the area where the banks are located and carried out their operation.

“They killed three policemen and the police also killed one of the robbers. It is a terrible day here in Iwo.

“I think the banks were aware that they could be attacked because they have been closing by 12noon for the past two months or thereabout.”

The hoodlums reportedly fled the scene, abandoning one of their vehicles when the police came back with reinforcements.


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