Entertainment Basketmouth - Why Do We Share Our Issues, Wealth On Social Network?



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Popular Nigerian Comedian, Basketmouth has raised some important questions on oversharing private information and showing off on Instagram.


In a post, Basketmouth wrote, ''Questions:
Why do we even feel the urge to show off our wealth on social media?
Does it breed hate, love or jealousy?
Why exactly do we take our marital issues to social media?
Since when did the world become our shrinks or marriage counselors?
When did our validation start depending on strangers?
Since when did IG become the judge of our lifestyle, personality, behavior and character?
Why do we spend more time showing people everything about our personal lives rather than living the life itself?
Why are we so hungry for followers on our social media platforms?
Does the amount of followers improve our quality of life? Does it add anything to one’s talent?
Why am I even asking these questions….what’s my business sef? *sips chilled Malta guinness*