Politics BBOG Co-Convener Aisha Yesufu Boils - President Buhari Resign Now [VIDEO]

Aisha Yesufu, Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign.

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In a video posted on Twitter, Yesufu said , "When are we going to realize that this acting president thing is just not working out. It is really not working out. Things are stagnating in Nigeria. For crying out loud, the president is sick. The President is not capable of discharging his duties as president.
Why can't he resign. Sickness can on anybody. Nobody is wishing the president bad. The fact that he is sick doesn't mean that he is going to die today or tomorrow.

''Somebody that is as healthy as I am right now can drop dead. It is life! For how long are we going to wait and see things go in disarray. Who is going to sign the budget we don't know. The report on Babachir, what is happening to it. Why are we being held to ransom?".

See video :

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kayode ajayi

kayode ajayi

It is best to insist that the acting president must act on Babachir and Oke now.
sandra Chinasa

sandra Chinasa

New Member
God will bless you for saying this.


She's stupid to vomit such, who's she by the way compared to the number of people who genuinely love and voted him. What's Buhari's offense, being sick? Nothing stagnant as far as governance of Nigeria continues. Osibanjo is in place and performing marvellously. Buhari shall get well by grace of God and returns to continue.
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