Metro Benue Killings: Death Toll Hits 80, Attacks Yet to Stop

The death toll from the clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Benue state is now 80.

“Eighty is the number we can say for now, the attacks have not stopped,” Benue State Emergency Management Agency executive secretary Emmanuel Shior told AFP by telephone.

“The number (of internally displaced people) is 80,000 now because the killings have continued, some of the people in other states are running to Benue,” Shior said. “We suspect these people are reacting against the open grazing prohibition put in place by the governor of Benue state.”

The violence between mostly Muslim herders and Christian farmers intensified over the New Year, fuelled by a new law banning the nomadic cattle rustlers from moving through the state.




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Buhari will not do anything about this herdsmen.. if it were be IPOB.. the will send python dance.. zoo country..