Politics Buhari Has Shut the Mouth of Blood Suckers in Nigeria- Northern Group



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The Northern Inter-Faith and Religious Organization has called on Nigeria to be thankful for President Muhammadu Buhari because he has shut the mouth of blood suckers in the country.

The group's National Co-coordinator, Bishop Musa Fomson in a statement on Thursday said: “God has used President Buhari to seal the mouth of blood suckers who daily cause anguish to Nigerians through the instrumentality of terrorists and insurgents.

"They make the blood of Nigerians flow to suck in their wicked covens. In this we again thank God for President Buhari, whose competent military chiefs have pushed back the evil. We however do not lose sight of the truth.

“These evil people are beyond the ordinary, the security breaches in Nigeria have their spiritual connections. The renewed attacks by remnant of Boko Haram terrorists were manifestation of spiritual manipulation to keep Nigerians in the bondage of fear. This bondage we shall break with prayer.”

He then called on Nigerians to come together and pray to God to heal the land as well as free the country from the hands of “evil men whose aim is to hold back Nigeria’s progress”.


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Mitchewwwwwwww. Who are the bloodsuckers? Who are those top people sponsoring the terrorists? My friend go and sit down. I guess you have received your own share? The truth is that blood of the defenceless people killed will continue to hunt your so said god sent buhari.


Anyway thank God Buhari didn't turn fund meant to fight the terrorists menace into ATM to defraud the nation its resources. He equipped, empowered and encouraged Nigerian troops to fight then head on, and able to decimate them within 2yrs of his administration. What GEJ couldn't do within five years of his reign.
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Samuel Arua

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APC politicians are juice suckers not blood suckers, abi. They are saints and others are bad but they pretend not to remember that thieves originally in PDP are now the purported saints in APC.