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Politics Buhari's Aide, Lauretta, Blasts Governor Yari Over Meningitis Comment



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President Muhammadu Buhari's personal assistant on social media, Lauretta Onochie, has blasted Zamfara state governor, Abdulaziz Yari over comment on the outbreak of Type C Cerebrospinal Meningitis in the country.

Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari had on Tuesday attributed the ongoing outbreak of Type C Cerebrospinal Meningitis to God’s way of showing his anger against Nigerians for turning their back on him.

“There is no way fornication will be so rampant and God will not send a disease that cannot be cured,” the governor said.

But Ms. Lauretta said: “Even if he (Governor Yari) doesn't or can't read, he surely should watch TV and be educated on d issue, just like the rest of us who are not medical personnel”

She, however, said the Meningitis has claimed 300+ lives, is saddening and that it's a new strain and not a political issue.

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