Politics Buhari's Health: Sealed Lips, Frowned Faces, Blank Looks At Abuja House

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    There were sealed lips and frowned faces, and blank looks at Abuja House, London Over the status and return date of President Muhammadu Buhari.

    The Guardian reporter that visited Abuja House for an update on President's Buhari's health on Saturday afternoon was greeted with unwelcoming body language, the official residence of the Nigerian ambassador to the court of St. James's.

    Security operatives also advised the reporter to leave the arena.


    "Can you please leave. Stop pressing that buzzer, please. We don't have information that you are coming, and if you want any appointment with the President, go to the High Commission," one security staff told The Guardian before signing off from his duty post at 3:00pm.

    The Medium also gathered that aides, members of the Commission staff and the two well-wishers who called, kept at bay and some even refused eye contact while some did manage a word or two others just responded with blank looks.

    First appeared on The Guardian



    AGI OMAGA Member

    I dey laugh...hahahahaha......
  3. RemmyAlex

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    Keep laughing :)
  4. France1234

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    Is he still alive bikonu
  5. andysofine8135

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    Hmmmm.. is he dead.. pls the should just open up.. and stop lying.. Is only in Nigeria u see such thing.. happening no one knows the where about of the president.. sick or dead ..alive or healthy. I believe this is the strategy the North are using to remain on seat.. too bad.. where is our democracy.. we have the right to no.. question because we are in a democratic dispensation. Osibanjo is talking so that the will not remove him.
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    Sai baba is dead and gone to his grave...
    Um.... Ah... Gone to his grave.
    Lai Mohammed spun lies to cover his head...
    Um... Ah... Cover his head
    The lies grew ripe and ready to drop...
    Uhm... Ah... Ready to drop
    There came the wailers to blow them all off
    Um...Ah...Blow them all off
    There came a reporter to take them all up...
    Um.. Ah.... Take them all up.
    DSS got up and gave him a knock...
    Um... Ah... Gave him a knock...
    Which made him want Nigeria to break up
    Umm... Ah... Nigeria may break up..

    LOL! I'm outta here.
  7. Khaleesi Dragonfire

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    I heard that his system has crashed and that his memory has been formatted.
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    Everyone is silent about President Buhari. God has the final say!
  9. Samuel Arua

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    I don tire for Buhari story. Truths about his health has Stains and blemishes of lies covering them so it will still be believed by the people.
  10. Bishop

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    Well what I have to say is we wish Mr. President well