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Buhari's State Of Health: Nigerians Should Accept Responsibilities by Ademiloye Adediji



Many Nigerians have been complaining about the health status of our president and the state of the economy of the country. Sometimes ago the presidency said that Buhari will be ruling from home based on his health status. Some ignorant citizens have been bawling-out the presidency over the scoop statement. As a student of politics, I quickly went on research and here is my outcome: Every decision taking by either individual or nation has implications once the decision is taken, you must be ready to accept the consequences.

For instance, when a nation decided to vote for a man that is above 70years as the president, they should have thought about his health implication because of the old age. A 70 year old president cannot be as agile as somebody who is under 60yrs of age. If a person is not healthy, I think, the primary concern and responsibility is how he will gain his health and not how the nation or economy will be developed. Nigerians should know this simple logic, instead of criticizing unnecessarily.

Nigerian should pray for the president's quick recovery. Those who are criticizing the president, how many of them can allow their fathers of 70 years to drive his car not to talk of of allowing him to rule a whole problematic country as Nigeria. If Buhari fails, it means you are all failures because you worked tirelessly by casting your vote for him, despite the fact that you know he was above 70yrs.

It is not African and against African culture to start criticizing our leader, when he is not on good health. Are they God? Even God rested on the 7th day of his creative exercise. Some of the things that have been said about our president just ridicule us in among the international community


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