building towards a good career

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    Building Towards a Good Career
    Overview- This is to enlighten people on how things required in building towards a good career so as to not suffer and regret their birth.
    Building towards a good career.
    According to the English online dictionary application, career is ones calling in life or general course of action or conduct in life.
    With reference to the definition in relation to the
    topic, career is not what one must toy with. It is what will be left with one after the whole race of teenage and adolescent phase of life. It is also what will give one a standard worth of living in future and it all start from youthful stage of principles, determination, decision making and time management.
    Firstly, principle is the source or origin that from
    which anything proceeds. To build towards a good career, one must be principled from the start. positive principle that will inculcate permanent literacy,numeracy, skills, ethics, and value to him or her till future. principle lies in ones mind.
    Secondly, building towards a good career (future), one must be determined, because determination is the quality of mind which reaches definite decision making. when one is determined from the youthful age in the perspective of what to become in life or which career he or she should pursue, believe it such person will attain greater height because of determination he had set.
    Furthermore, the third is decision making. It is very important in building a good career in life and decision making can come in any stage of ones life but the prominent one that affect ones career either positively or negatively comes at the youthful age when you decide your future yourself.
    To build towards a good career, one must be wise to make positive decision that will make him or her to have a great future. And there is an aspect of ones life that will be criticised but one must convert those criticism to be constructive in order to build a good career in life.
    And lastly, time management is very important in life and it shows the difference between success and failure.
    That's why an English adage says "make hay while the sun shines".
    No individual can stop the time but we must act according to the decision and our determination because time waits for no one.
    Do what you have to do and leave a positive and well recognised spot that will speak in your future positively towards your career. To build a good career, manage your time.
    To build towards a good career that will give one a standard worth of living amidst Homo sapiens start from youthful age when we are still restless to make principles, determinations, decisons and time management.
    Your decision today will set a foundation for you career tomorrow, will be what you and your family (wife and children)will face in future. By MUDASHIRU
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