Metro Burned for Love: Woman Pours Hot Oil on Lover Due Marriage Issue

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Victoria Alonge, a 25 year old woman has been sentenced to one year imprisonment by the Karu Senior Magistrate Court for pouring hot oil over her boyfriend, Roland Nna, over his refusal to marry her. The court sentenced her without option of fine.

Nna had reported the incident to the Kurudu Police Station in Abuja on the 11th of August. He had been doused by the hot oil when Alonge came to his house at about 4am while he was asleep and attacked him. He has sustained injuries.

Alonge didn’t deny the act, defiantly admitting to doing it to teach her ex-lover a lesson for deception. Alonge and Nna had dated for four years during the course of which he had promised her and her parents to marry her, but subsequently reneged on that when he met and fell in love with another woman in Abuja.
naija questions

naija questions

Now marriage is do or die as well. She should go into politics.
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