Politics Can President Buhari be trusted on RUGA?


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There has been a big push back from all regions against the proposed 'RUGA' settlements (Ranches) across Nigeria. There are several questions that one needs to get a handle on:
  1. Do we know what the RUGA plan is? Beyond ethnic sentiments, how many of us know what the details are
  2. Who was consulted before this was proposed and why was the consultation limited?
  3. Why does the president want to press ahead in light of the push back? What has he promised the herdsmen?
There are quite a few discussions and interviews with Nigerian social and legal experts in Nigeria. Here are a few links:



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My opinion on the issue of RUGA, RUGA is not all about cattle grazing but a plore for the north to b in power perpetually, RUGA is not a Buhari agenda but the agenda of the power crazy northern godfathers who in their own mind have biased mindset stemming from the Colonial adjudication of power to the North.
Anyone thinking of RUGA as just cattle graze is shallow in thinking, RUGA is a political agenda to keep the North in the seat of power indefinitely n a means to oppress other geo-political zones.
If a may ask.....what is the meaning of North Central state, these people gave it to us n we swallow without questioning. There is nothing called North Central, it's only central, central is central. So just the way they took the central n made it north-central so also the are gradually moving into the south n at the end, the once country called Nigeria will now be Islamic State. Still, have a lot to say but stop here for now.


To my understand that may reduce some conflict herdsmen and Fulani in Nigeria and neighbouring countries in general.