Canada Sends Ebola Vaccine to West Africa



Experimental doses of #Ebola virus vaccines are ready to go at "a moment's notice," and can be shipped out to Nigeria and other West African countries affected with the virus, once the #WHO decides how to distribute them, #Aljazeera reports.

The VSV-EBOV vaccine was developed at #Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Canada is sending up to 1,000 doses of an experimental vaccine to West Africa to help the World Health Organisation (WHO) fight the Ebola epidemic, the country's health minister announced.

Minister Rona Ambrose said on Wednesday between 800 to 1,000 doses would be distributed through the WHO in West Africa. Sierra Leone, #Nigeria, #Liberia and #Guinea have all reported cases.

Ambrose said the Canadian government was "committed to doing everything we can to support our international partners, including providing staff to assist with the outbreak response, funding and access to our experimental vaccine."

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