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Politics Channels TV Outburst: I Feel Sorry for Tope Aluko - Gov. Fayose



Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, in a statement on Monday has blamed APC for his ex aide Tope Aluko's recent outburst on Channels TV about him being rigged into office.

“All these steps are being taken by the APC to silence me because of my criticism of obnoxious policies of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, but I cannot be silenced. If I, Ayo Fayose, remains the last man standing to put Buhari administration on its toes, I will not look back. Strong opposition is an ingredient of a virile democracy. I don’t have any skeleton in my cupboard. If the APC has any concrete evidence against me, it should give it to the EFCC.”

Fayose added that he felt sorry for Aluko because he had allowed those who rented him to do the dirty job to destroy him therefore bringing shame upon himself and his family.

"It is very obvious that those who rented him will keep him at an arms length believing that what he did to me, he will do same to them.


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