Business CNN's Richard Quest: My Generation Won't See The End Of Nigeria's Whistle Blowing Policy



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English journalist and anchor of CNN's Quest Means Business, Richard Quest is in Nigeria, and has been moving around one of the bustling cities, Lagos holding interviews, and plan to shoot his program 'Quest Means Business' live today.

During one of his interviews, Richard Quest spoke about the $43.4M recently found by the anti-graft agency, EFCC in an Ikoyi apartment.


Quest said: "The best story of the day apart from Macron has to be the money found in the apartment.

The next best thing is the head of the security force who says it was money that was being kept for covert operations that nobody seemed to know anything about.''

"These are very serious and legitimate questions. And if these spark a debate that goes further and further than the usual debate...if that is all it does then you have wasted a good crisis.

"But if it sparks a real debate about what transparency, and where money is spent, and accountability then it is to the good. The whole whistle blower law, that has been introduced, that has brought in so much money, that has started a process, I am telling you something it won't be my generation that will see the end of this, it probably won't be yours, it would probably be your children's generation that will see finally the fruition of what we start to see now."