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Although I usually refrain from writing columns linked to national health observances, I believe that Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, in March, is too important to ignore. There are simply too many people who are still getting and dying from this preventable disease because they failed to …

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Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death. If detected early, colon cancer can be treated. In the United States, physicians often recommend colon cancer screening after 50.

Screening is helpful in detecting cancer in early stages when cure is possible with treatment. Usually, most people with colon cancer do not experience any symptoms in the initial stages; therefore, screening becomes extremely useful. Screening also helps in finding growths or polyps that could be dangerous in most cases. When detected early, treatment can be initiated, increasing the survival rate up to 90 percent. Unfortunately, less than half of colon cancers are detected at the early stage. Therefore, it is important to undergo yearly colon cancer screening after 50.