Metro Corruption in the Computer Village

Several traders of the Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos State have accused the officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) of exploitation and corruption after the officials had sealed off 10 plazas in the market based on allegations that the surroundings of those plazas were “dirty”.

The traders claim that they had been preparing to clean their surroundings on the morning that the plazas had been shut. Now the traders are being made to pay fines between the sum of N100,000 and N200,000, including “administrative charges” before the plazas were re-opened.

Coincidently, the fines were paid into a new generation bank with the account name, “Ministry of Environment Services KAI”, the “administrative charges” were paid to one of the KAI offices in Alausa.

The fines were allegedly imposed by a magistrate who did not even summon the tr6aders to defend themselves, making the payment of the fines themselves, null and void.

A developer, Adeola Adeboyejo, who said he had seven complexes in the market, urged the state government to conduct as investigation into the incident.
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