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Download Tingo Messenger App to Attend the Free Tingo Mobile Mega Concert/Product Launch


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Federal Palace Hotel, V.I. Lagos.
Time: 6p.m
Date: Friday, 10th Oct, 2014.

The Tingo Messenger App is the first of its kind in Nigeria, it is wholly Nigerian, understanding the needs and preferences of Nigerians, its main focus is making it a one stop application where you can perform different functions from, Chatting to Online purchase, in a secure, easy to use platform, and at no extra cost.

Some of the main features of Tingo Messenger includes:

·Complete integration of all user contacts in one click.

·Easy add up of contacts using phone numbers

·Fast and free exchange of data between users

·Secure and encrypted messaging: Tingo messenger ensures privacy and security for its users as all messages are encrypted and screen capture proof in all android devices. Conversations are saved only in the user’s device. Users can enable or disable this option in the settings.

·File Sharing : Tingo messenger app is enabled to share files. Videos and audios of high resolution can be shared easily via the messenger while retaining its original high quality.

·One Click Online Shopping: The Tingo app, gives the option of shopping through the app with just a click, redirecting the user to the online shop of choice.

·Nigerian inspired emoticons: because Tingo is an indigenous product, emoticons of Nigerian slangs and characters are available in the messenger, giving the user a unique sense of complete understanding in the Nigerian context. e.g. #Yimu #Gbagaun #weyrey

·The Tingo messenger allows for group creation as it understands the need for online networking.

·Easy theme change to suit User.

·With the app, exchange of data can be done over WIFI, SMS or via 3G.

·Regular app upgrade: The app is scheduled for regular upgrade to ensure continuous improvement.