Metro Ebola: Life Insurance For Health Volunteers


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IN EFFORTS TO CURTAIL THE SPREAD OF THE EBOLA PANDEMIC, the Lagos state government has promised life insurance to health volunteers.

In a statement, Monday, by Jide Idris, the state’s Health Commissioner, the insurance is part of the governments’ plan to protect citizens from EVD infection and has been developed for implementation at all levels.

“To ensure the effectiveness of the response strategy, volunteers are being deployed to support several areas of work,” said Mr. Idris, a medical doctor. ‎

“While volunteering is usually done as a means of giving back to society, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Lagos State Government have partnered to make available some compensation packages as a means of demonstrating our gratitude for your selfless services. “The hazardous jobs will have hazard packages that include life insurance,” Mr. Idris added.

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