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Metro Ebola: Owners of Private Jets Refuse to Lease Their Planes


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Nigerian private jet owners are now reluctant to lease out their aircrafts out of fear of the Ebola virus.

Although, aviation officials had been strictly mandated not to speak on issues concerning the virus, one of our correspondents gathered that most private jet owners had cut down the number of times they leased out their jets.

A senior official with one of the key agencies in the sector told our correspondent many countries had systematically stopped their carriers from flying into Nigeria, thereby heightening the panic among private jet owners in the country.

“Many foreign carriers hardly fly into Nigeria and most of them have officially announced the suspension of flights to countries like Liberia and Guinea where the Ebola virus disease is very pronounced. This is causing panic among owners of private jets and some of them are not giving out their jets to friends and even family members,” the official said.

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Source: #PUNCH


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