Ebola: Wife of Late Port Harcourt Doctor About to be Discharged from Lagos Hospital



Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, giving an update on the Ebola virus in Nigeria yesterday said the wife of the late Port Harcourt doctor who died of the disease is recovering and that the country is in full control of the situation.

“There is that possibility of having other cases as long as you have contacts under surveillance, there is the possibility of having other cases.

“We are not saying that we cannot have new cases from the current contacts that are under surveillance, what I am saying is that the government is in full control.

The minister according to DAILY INDEPENDENT said 477 contacts are currently under surveillance in Port Harcourt and that 339 contacts who were under surveillance in Lagos have bee discharged after completing their mandatory 21 days of observation while 27 contacts are still under surveillance in Lagos.

“The Federal Ministry of Health has commenced distribution of ambulances, utility vehicles and motorcycles to the Port Health Services at the international airports, seaports and land crossings.

“The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has also commenced the training of state personnel in the management of EVD.

“The personal protective equipment (PPEs) which were ordered are expected in the country in a few weeks but for now we have enough,” he said.

The minster explained that as of Monday morning the total number of confirmed cases of EVD in Nigeria was 19, 15 in Lagos and four in Port Harcourt.

“The total number of deaths from EVD in Nigeria stands at seven. Five of this died in Lagos, one in a private hospital, the index case Mr. Sawyer, and the other four in the isolation ward in Lagos State.

“Two of the seven died in Port Harcourt, the medical doctor who died in a private hospital and the contact, a patient in the hospital at the time the doctor was also on admission, who died in the isolation ward in Rivers State.

“The total number of patients who have been successfully managed and discharged stands at nine. The latest is the sister of the Port Harcourt doctor who was discharged from the isolation ward in Rivers State yesterday.

“It should be noted that the nine patients successfully managed and discharged are among the total number of 11 survivors of EVD in Nigeria.

“At the moment only one person, the wife of the Port Harcourt doctor is on treatment in the isolation ward in Lagos.

"She no longer has any symptoms and is undergoing series of tests preparatory to her discharge from the isolation ward this week,” Chukwu said.

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