Metro Edo: Strange Animal Found Inside Ekpoma Hostel [PHOTOS]



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According to reports, a Facebook User, Oboh Clement has narrated how they found a strange looking animal inside a student hostel in Ekpoma, Edo State.

Clement, while reacting said: ‘This animal was found dead in front of my sister’s room in school today …they were saying it’s rabbit, some said it’s cat… brother this is BUSH BABY. it’s a spiritual animal …you can check pictures of bush baby on Google and you will see it’s thesame animal. It’s walks like human too ‘

Its so surprising……no be say bushes dey this area ooo…. sometimes when I sleep her house, na so I go dey hear something moving inside the compound, like a thief …it was just recently we knew it’s an animal.. am sure it’s the father of this dead one.

See photos:


Animal S.JPG

What kind of animal is this?

T Money

New Member
It is called bush baby or galago, it is a nocturnal animal that only comes out at night, it is a simple creature.
Buh d edited eyes look like pepperdemgang