Politics Emir Sanusi Advises Kano Govt to Charge All Its Citizens N1,000 Monthly



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Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II is of the opinion that Kano state can generate as much as N12bn monthly if it taxes its citizens the right way.

According to him, this is possible if each of its estimated 12 million people is charged a flat monthly rate of N1,000.

"Collecting a small amount from many people will definitely boost the coffers of the government," he said.

“Paying taxes is securing our pride. We are disparaged because we rely on oil money so we must explore alternative ways to sustain our state,” he added.

He mentioned the idea during the launch of the state Presumptive Taxation for commercial vehicle operators at the Government House in Kano on Sunday.


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Will that put an to their economy issue and besides, what the state offer the citizen for getting back from the citizen. What happen to all the money embezzled? They want come up with an exploitative measure to drain the citizen abi....continue