English Premiership needs a winter break – Fabio Capello

Former England manager,Fabio Capello believes the Three Lions will continue to fumble on international competitions,unless they introduce a winter break in the English Premier League.
Capello said the lack of a mid-season break is hampering on England’s chances of excelling on tournaments,adding that it is the reason why they find it difficult to win major trophies.
Asked why England struggles to challenge for trophies, Capello told www.fifa.com:
“Because they’re tired (going into tournaments),” Capello said.
“They’re the least fresh of any of the competing national sides, because their league doesn’t have a break,” he added.
“It’s like when you’re driving a car: if you stop halfway to put fuel in then you’ll definitely get where you want to go, but if you don’t then there’s always the chance you’ll be running on empty before you reach your goal.”
“In my opinion the football played in the first half of the English season is much better than in the second half. And because of that, if you want to be a competitive team in the Premier League, you need a really big squad, which is a luxury you don’t get with the national team.”

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