Politics Fayose - I Will Attend The Trials of Dasuki and El-Zakzaky



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Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has promised to attend the trials of Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser, and Ibrahim Zakzaky, founder of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).


Fayose, who had recently showed up in court for Nnamdi Kanu, self-acclaimed Biafra leader made the promise during an appearance on CHANNELS TV.

Fayose said, “I have no personal relationship with Kanu but I have been consistent in drawing attention of Nigerians to the trend of not regarding court orders and rulings by the present federal government.''

“I am from the north-east, west and south of this country. I am a complete and detribalised Nigerian. I will attend the trial of Dasuki and El-Zakzaky too. Courts in the land and even ECOWAS court directed that Dasuki be released but the government has refused to heed the call.

“The federal government is the one making Kanu a hero. Anywhere in the world, agitation is normal. In the United Kingdom, there is agitation in Northern Ireland, even, United Kingdom itself is agitating in Europe.

“Let people agitate for whatever reason as long as it is constitutional. I am not in support of the breakup of Nigeria. But when court grants bail to people, release them and allow them to attend their trials from home.”

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Other leaders should learn from this man. Nothing will ever happen to him because he is always fearless and on the truth track.
It seems you are not good in differentiating truth and politics because what he does isn't fearlessness or truth but politics combined with senseless or illogical statements.


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He's ready to face them.
He is just facing himself because as far as I'm concerned the president never responded to his silly or unconscionable barking. proverb says (An elephant doesn't care what the cat family eat to survive because he is un-edible)


You don't have any important things to do in your state. I have said it times without number that Fayose is the most idle man on earth. If he's busy with the progress and development of his state, Ekiti he would stay there to think and work rather than going to witness someone else's trial.