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Money Find out more about the Lottery Games in Nigeria


Nigeria is the biggest economic country on the African continent. With each passing year, lottery games have attracted a lot of audiences due to their thrilling trait.

So, now we will discuss all Nigerian lottery working and know how to participate in Nigerian lotteries.

Nigeria is the new country member to join the global circle of legalizing and opening national lottery centers. The Lottery Act of Nigeria got officially formed in 2005, after which many lottery games popped up. Nigeria is one of the few countries that recently opened its doors for lottery games. Nigeria instituted the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) that monitors the operations of all the lotteries in the country.


So if you are new to the lottery world or someone who has played, rest assured you can hit the jackpots at the comfort of your chair. The NLRC National Lottery Regulation Commission projected that 45 billion nairas of revenue would be generated with the gaming industry generating a whopping 300 billion nairas yearly. One of the most popular lottery organizers is Premier Lotto, known as Baba Ijebu, which has a lot to offer for the players. Nigerian lottery fans can also choose the offer presented by LottoNigeria.com, Golden Chance Lotto, Western Lotto or Lotto9ja. The age of an individual willing to participate in Nigerian lottery must be at least of age 18.

Let's dive into the lottery games of Nigeria. We will tell you more about lotteries organized by Baba Ijebu and Western Lotto.

Lottery games offered by Baba Ijebu

NAP Games

The NAP Game has different ranges of NAP from NAP 2, NAP 3, NAP 4, and NAP 5. The game is played by choosing between numbers from 1 to 90. The rules change a bit according to different NAPs.


The PERMS Games consist of several PERMS that range from PERM 2, PERM 3, PERM 4, and PERM 5. PERMS Games gives you many chances to win through permutation strategies. Once you understand the permutation number, you can win more lotteries. For PERMS 2, you can choose three numbers from 1 to 90, and those numbers get permuted. For example, for PERMS 2, we select 15, 48, 83. The permutation Lines would be;

Lines 1: 15 and 48

Lines 2: 48 and 83

Lines 3: 83 and 15


This one is a complex game. Once you play it, you will understand it better.

In this game, the number that you select is split into two categories. Then these numbers are made into lines. Then, the numbers are drawn. Any number drawn among these two categories is, then, used to form the final lines. Your victory is decided based on the final lines.


1 Banker is a simple game. If you win, you earn a lot in just a single game round.

So how does the game work? All you have to do is select a number. If it's drawn, then you get to win 960 times your ticket price. The probability of winning the game is slim but, if luck shines on you, you are a little richer!

If you want to know more about Baba Ijebu lotto games – visit the official website.

Lottery games offered by Western Lotto

5/90 Games

5/90 is a western orientation game where you can bet five times. You can choose five different numbers between 1 to 90; so that's how the name is derived. There are different types of 5/90 bet games such as:


Western 9JA

Gold (5/90)

Western Max

Western Esho

If you are playing Golden Chance Lotto games - don't forget to check Western Lotto results .

KENO Games

Keno games are instant lottery games. It is offered by western lotto. Keno games consist of various games like KENO 8, KENO 10, etc.

How does it work?

Firstly, you select a particular KENO game. Then, you select your lottery numbers from 1 to 80.

Now, an instant is drawn. This is the moment of truth.

If it's a match, you get to win cash prizes. You can determine how much you would win based on the number of times the draws are picked.

Rapid Games

Rapid Games is a western Lotto game as well. As the name implicitly says the game has timing and runs on the countdown for each game. The rapid game also comprises four varied game structures.





Expiration of the lottery tickets:

The general rule of any lottery game is claiming the prize ticket within 180 days. After the final draw, the prize money, if not claimed within the period, will go back to the prize pool or prize fund. So, now the money will get allotted for the future lottery cash prize.
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