Germany- Travel Tips To The Black Forest

The Black Forest ( Germany : Schwarzwald) is in the German state of Baden - Wurttemberg.

It is a mountainous terrain at about 200 - 1,500 meters above sea level, the highest hill being the Felberg at 1493m. The Black Forest / Schwarzwald region of Germany is famous for its cuckoo clocks, watchmaking, skiing and tourism. There is a high - tech light engineering industry in the region stemming from the gold mining and watchmaking days.

The Black Forest.

Almost all tourists are from Germany and Switzerland; the region's tourist industry is therefore not well equipped to deal with guests who do not speak German. ( have your German dictionary handy).

The most important destination there is called, interestingly, Titisee, which is a medium - sized lake with associated tourist village ( Titisee - Neustadt) and hotels, with very nice views and generally very relaxed and healthy activities. From here it is a short journey to Lake Constance and the city of Konstanz, or to see the Rhein waterfall at Neuhausen in Switzerland.

Lake Titisee.

The popular cities in the Black Forest / Schwarzwald of Germany are the Freiburg : the jewel of the Black Forest, Bonndorf in Schwarzwald : famous for its shrovetide museum, Pforzhein : the "Gateway to the Black Forest", Baden : world famous spa town, and Villingen Schiltach.


There are also a few interesting things you can do like Hiking, Water Sports, High Altitude Lake Diving, Skiing ( December and January), Mountain Biking, and visit a Medieval Mine (Schaubergwe).

Medieval Mine.

To visit the Black Forest Germany, there are several ways you can get there.

Freiburg - the capital of Black Forest - might be a good base to start your touring from. You can either fly into Germany, Switzerland or France to get to Freiburg and the Black Forest.

Flying into Germany, if you are flying into Frankfurt you can easily catch an ICE train to Freiburg and find yourself in the heart of the Black Forest within 2 hours. The Baden - Air park in Baden - Baden (FKB) is about an hour's drive from Freiburg. Stuttgart Airport (STR) is about 1.5 hours away from Freiburg and reachable via airport shuttle.

Train to the Black Forest.

Flying into Switzerland or France, you can also fly in Zurich (ZRH) (Switzerland) and take an airport bus to Freiburg. The Euroairport Base - Malhouse - Freiburg (BSL) (France/Switzerland) is 40 minutes form Freiburg and has regular shuttles leaving to the city.
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