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Metro Get Your Facts Right - Niger Delta Avengers Slams Presidency



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Nigerian militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers, has condemned a recent statement made by Presidential Spokesman Mr. Shehu Garba.

“Out of the blue, a group calling itself the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA spouts. They kill soldiers and policemen. They kidnap and kill oil company workers. Piracy on the high seas. They asked oil companies to stop operations and pack out of the Niger Delta region.
They blow up oil pipelines, power and other infrastructure. They attack and kill prominent individuals, ransacking homes up and down the coastal areas, including lately, Lagos and Ogun states. All these for what”. (Garba Shehu , 2016).

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"We want Garba Shehu (Senior Special Assistant to the president on Media and Publicity) to go and get his record straight," the NDA said in a statement released on its website on Wednesday.

"Niger Delta Avengers have not killed and kidnapped oil workers, we are not into sea piracy, and we have never killed Policemen. The Buhari led Government knows the people attacking soldiers and killing policemen. It’s their sleeper’s agents that are doing it, so they should stop tagging Niger Delta Avengers to killing, kidnapping, ransacking of policemen, soldiers and individuals in the region

"We the Niger Delta Avengers have not negotiated with anyone. So we don’t know where Mr Garba shehu and General Babagana Munguno, the National Security Adviser are getting their information from. If they have been negotiating with any body it clearly shows they had been negotiating with fraudsters and their (national security agency) created militant group.


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