Business Ghana to export gas to Burkina Faso and Mali

According to reports issued by the presidency of the republic of Ghana, the country will begin the exportation of gas to neighboring Burkina Faso and Mali. The President, John Mahama said this in Accra during the visit of the out-going Burkinabe Ambassador to Ghana. He added that the export would begin as soon as the West Africa Gas Pipeline and Power Pool Project (WAGP) was completed.

“With that additional gas available, Ghana’s energy production will increase and it will be possible for us to share that production with our neighbours,’’ it quoted him as saying.

He also reiterated the need for both countries to strengthen the commercial trade between them since Ghana exports maize and timber to Burkina Faso, while Burkina Faso exports tomatoes to Ghana.

NAN reports that the project was envisaged to function as a vehicle for facilitating clean natural gas supply and a tool for regional integration. Mahama also said that trade and commercial activities would soon be expanded with Burkina Faso through increased evacuation of goods through the ports.

“Both countries also share common ethnic backgrounds and languages, these are common issues that we need to strengthen,’’ the statement quoted him as saying.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the WAGP was conceived in the early 1980’s by the ECOWAS and the governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Togo.
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