Entertainment Having Big Buttocks Was One of the Good Things That Happened to Me This Year - Seyi Shay


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Recently Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay, broke the Internet with her picture wearing a transparent outfit. It was obvious the singer wasn’t wearing panties under the dress. The picture caused so much ruckus even amongst fellow celebs who were aghast that the singer could wear such outfit in public.


While speaking with the Punch, she talked about the development of her backside. She admitted that having a bigger backside was one of the good things that happened to her this year. She further revealed that she almost went for a surgery to increase her boobs but later changed her mind.

The songstress said, “I did not get this big bum through injections or surgery. If I did not do surgery on my boobs, is it my backside I would then operate on? Someone advised me to be doing squats. Till now, I spend most of my time in the gym. Having big buttocks was one of the good things that happened to me this year. I do 100 squats in the morning, in the afternoon I do 50 and then at night, I do another 100. It hurts a lot but it is worth it; I would not lie about that, the pain is worth it