Metro Herdsmen Invaded My House - Wole Soyinka


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People suspected to be herdsmen recently invaded the residence of Professor Wole Soyinka, renowned playwright, in Ogun State reports have said.


The invasion was made public by the 82-year-old scholar on Friday while speaking at a forum in Freedom Park, Lagos.

“We are living in dangerous times. My home is under invasion… From Imeko to Abeokuta is under invasion by herdsmen,” quoted Soyinka as saying.

“This is a deliberate act of provocation. The trespasses have been frequent, we have reported to the police, but government is taking security lightly. We need to wake up the government, let them know the seriousness of the issue on ground; these herdsmen are worse than Boko Haram.”

The professor advised the government to use drones in tracking the herdsmen adding that their mentality has changed.

He also opposed the establishment of grazing reserves, saying that would worsen the problem.

“Creating corridor for cattle grazing will compound the problem, I do not think that is the solution,” he said.