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Politics How Atiku's Economic Blueprint will Destroy the Mafia Behind NNPC and PHCN


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Former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has announced his economic blueprint, in which he said he was going to tackle the NNPC and PHCN 'mafias', and unchain the corporations from the current strongholds they were in.

In a Sun report, he said: “I remember when we came into office, I told my boss that there are two mafias in this country, one is NEPA and the second one is NNPC. Unless you break those mafias, you will never get those institutions to work. Unfortunately, up till now, we have not been able to break those mafias. So, one thing you must do is to dismantle the mafia,” he said.

He however, denied privatizing Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) and the Nigerian refineries and so cannot be connected with their dysfunctional state.

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Source: #TheSun