Politics How Babachir Lawal Got Billions Through Shady Deals In Grass Cutting Contract



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The Nigerian Senate committee report has revealed how the suspended SGF, Babachir Lawal racked in billions of Naira through shady deals in the Presidential Initiative for the North East (PINE)

According to bank documents and the report of the Senate Committee on the Mounting Humanitarian Crisis in the North East cited by Premium Times, summed up the evidence the Senate submitted to the Yemi Osinbajo-led presidential investigative committee probing allegations of contract fraud and breach of due process against Mr. Lawal.

babachir Lawal.JPG

Premium Times
reported that evidences of bank transactions as well as Central Bank of Nigeria, Corporate Affairs Commission and Bureau of Public Procurement documents – Mr. Lawal superintended the conversion of the agency to a criminal, and bizarre money making enterprise, awarding contracts to cronies whose firms did not pass the requirements set by law.

Some of the beneficiaries paid parts of the proceeds of the contracts to Mr. Lawal’s company and his private account in tranches.